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Sunday Brunch with Dave Grigg

Sunday between 0900 and 1300

Join Dave Grigg each Sunday for the best in music and features throughout the morning, including the Hangover, the featured decade, the five in a row, the artist doubleplay and in the final hour of the show, the news from the brand new Cruise Countdown.

You can also get involved with the show by emailing or calling 02380 971 071.

The Hangover

So, did you go out on Saturday and party the night away. If so, you may very well have a bit of a thick head on Sunday morning. And although Dave never gives you any sympathy he will always ease you into the day with three easy songs at around 0930. They, of course, are designed to set you up for the day ahead.

The Artist Doubleplay

The Artist Doubleplay gives you the chance to select your favourite artist for inclusion in Sunday Brunch at 1130 each week. All you need to do to nominate your artist is email with "Artist Doubleplay" in the subject line and leave the rest to us, or you can use the form to the right to make your nomination.

Nominate your artist for inclusion on the Artist Doubleplay

Thanks for submitting!

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