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Dave Grigg wakes you up every Weekday morning on Cruise FM with a mix of music and features along with the latest news, weather, sport, business and showbiz news throughout the programme.

As well as the features, Dave also keeps his eye on what's on the television each night and pays special attention to the goings on in the soaps on Channel 4, ITV and BBC-1.

The final hour of the programme is dedicated to one specific decade as we do Flashback - the decades in question are the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties and you are invited to get involved and nominate a song or artist to be included on the show.


Every weekday morning between 0610 and 0645, it your chance to ponder over the Breakfast Show teaser. It is just for fun and the questions range from music, art and literature, geography, sport and much more.

The question is posed several times through out the hour, so there are plenty of chances to hear the question and ponder the answer.

But what will the next question be on? 

Here is an example of a question used recently. What Thames river bridge is nearest the Tower of London? And of course the answer is Tower Bridge.


Our friends and colleagues at Radio News Hub keep you bang up-to-date throughout the show with all the latest news headlines and weather at the top of the hour and the sports news at half-past the hour along with a showbiz and business news update as well.

Just ahead of the 0730 sport, we will also check the What's On Diary for the day's events.


Just after the sports news at 0730, Dave plays three songs from one particular artist in something cunningly named "Three From One".

You are more than welcome to nominate your favourite artist for inclusion one Weekday morning but completing the form to the right and clicking "Send Message" or you can just e-mail the studio as normal with "Three From One Weekdays" in the subject line. The address you need is

You can nominate an artist that is current and up-to-date or you can nominate a classic artist as well. The choice on Three From One is entirely down to your own taste.

So go on..... nominate your favourite artist today, and it could be on the air very soon.

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All copyrights in the soap logos are acknowledged and are used for information purposes only relating to the soap update feature, and will be removed should Cruise FM be asked to do so, however, we have provided links to the appropriate show website from these logos.

Every morning at 0810, Dave looks at the evenings going's on in Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders and seeing what all the characters are up to. Will there be a disastrous wedding or maybe someone finds out a secret that has been hidden for weeks. Check out the soap update every morning. 


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Every Weekday morning during term time, we do the School Run between 0830 and 0900.

You are more than welcome to get involved and get a mention for yourself and your school mates as well as your teachers and maybe mum or dad if they are taking you to school, and you are listening through our free to download player app, which is available for android, apple and blackberry smart devices.

You can complete the form to the left and click "Send Message" and leave the rest to the Cruise FM Breakfast production team or if you want to attach a scanned picture you can just e-mail the studio in the normal way with School Run in the subject line.


The final hour of Cruise FM Breakfast on Monday to Thursday, between 0900 and 1000, is dedicated to Flashback, which plays an hour of classic hits from either the Sixties, Seventies or Eighties.

We have also presented a special Flashback on Halloween, when we have played an hour of songs all associated with ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

We want our listeners to be involved in Flashback and want nominations of your favourite song or artist from one particular decade, whether that is the Sixties, Seventies or Eighties. 

To get involved, you can complete the form to the right with all the information and any dedication you would like included, or you can just use the e-mail or leave a message on our 24-hour answerphone on 02380 971 071.

Go on.... nominate your favourite classic today.

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Feelgood Friday is on the air between 0900 and 1000, strangely enough on a Friday - this gives us a chance to get you into the mood for the upcoming Weekend with a hour of classic tunes that are designed to make you wanna get up and dance and generally cheer you up.

The hour is also dedicated to more music and less chat, although we do keep you up-to-date with the latest news on the roads and sport also.

SO..... enjoy your prelude to the Weekend with Feelgood Friday rounding off Cruise FM Breakfast each Friday morning.