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Welcome to the Cruise FM What's On Guide. This page details music, festivals and sporting events. If you would like to have something included on the page, just use the CONTACT US button or e-mail 


 Please note: Sporting fixtures are subject to change, and Cruise FM cannot be held responsible for these changes.


Sun. 8/12 All day Last quarter
Sun. 8/19 All day New moon
Sat. 8/25 All day First quarter
Sun. 9/2 All day Full moon
Mon. 9/10 All day Last quarter
Mon. 9/17 All day New moon
Mon. 9/24 All day First quarter
Tue. 10/2 All day Full moon
Wed. 10/10 All day Last quarter
Tue. 10/16 All day New moon
Wed. 10/24 All day First quarter
Thu. 11/1 All day Full moon
Thu. 11/8 All day Last quarter
Thu. 11/15 All day New moon
Thu. 11/22 All day First quarter
Fri. 11/30 All day Blue moon
Fri. 12/7 All day Last quarter
Fri. 12/14 All day New moon
Sat. 12/22 All day First quarter
Sun. 12/30 All day Full moon
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